Inseeto was founded by the two brothers Jarl and Jon Friis in early 2009 based on a dream of creating lifelike experiences inside virtual worlds as an intuitive and useful tool in our everyday. The aim is to give end-users the perception of being on the actual location, without physically being present - Inseeto makes in situ experiences possible.


Today, the technology has evolved so that everybody can browse real-time data in combination with realistic geographical information on the planet we call Earth - or at least a virtual globe which resembles The earth.

Inseetos vision is to reduce the gap between reality and virtual earth reality. The future will bring more and more realistic visualisations directly on the screen - phenomena's such as Augmented Earth and Augmented Reality is more topical than ever. In the future, reading about your new home or summer accommodation will not be satisfactory; people will simply demand to visually experience the real estate or holiday home prior to any decision - at no additional effort. Until now such experiences have only been achieved by getting out of the couch, moving to the actual location and seeing it for your self. Inseeto on the other hand, will now deliver lifelike experiences of holiday homes and real estates directly to you on your demand.

Humans are naturally gifted with the ability to consume large amounts of visual information and therefore it is only obvious that the future of internet marketing is moving away from traditional textual marketing and towards a more in situ experience-oriented marketing. Our simple message is - An INSEETO° experience says more than a thousand pictures.


Inseeto will bring in situ experiences directly into your living room. INSEETO° - takes you there!